Scuba Diving In Goa

Goa is a former Portuguese colony is a state on the western coast of India with an area of 1430 Sq miles and a population of about 1.3 million. Goa was under Portuguese rule for 451 years and re-occupied by India in 1961. It, therefore, retains its old Portuguese charm in a unique culture which is an exotic blend of the old European and Indian heritage. With its endless beaches and tropical waters,

The warm waters of Goa offer an excellent opportunity to dive and observe the marine life so abundantly found in tropical waters. Clear waters for a safe and rich diving experience are principally found around  Grande Island, located around 4 miles from Margao harbour. These diving locations are in an average depth of 10 meters without any currents, riptides etc. For the more experienced divers, there is the thrill of diving on wrecks where the marine life is more prolific. The existence of two major river mouths, that of Zuari and Mandovi river make the waters along the beaches a little murky. However, the Island of Grande offers much clearer and safer diving sites.  There are many wrecks along the coast of Goa both old and modern. Many of these are unexplored thus offering an excellent opportunity for a unique adventure.

Routine diving sites off Goa include the following spots.

Suzy’s Wreck
30 meters long WW II metal wreck in very shallow waters starting at 3 meters depth with a maximum depth of 12 meters. Plenty of fishlife which includes batfish, angelfish, barracudas, snappers, lionfish, sargent major, sweetlips,  stonefish, blennies, nudibranchs, parrotfish, moorish idols, groupers, sea whips, sea  fans, morays, etc. Ideal dive site for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Sail Rock
Big fish include jacks, groupers, barracudas, tuna, sharks, rays. Several species of small fish in the shallows. For experienced divers only due to strong currents as well as the surge. Depths range from 20 meters to 6 meters along sloping walls making it ideal for multilevel divers.

Turbo Tunnel
A narrow channel between the island and a rock with the sea surging through it. The shallow depth (max of 8 meters) makes it ideal for experienced divers as well as beginners subject to the strength of the waves.

Surge City
An area of big boulders interspersed with sand with a fair bit of surge. Parrotfish, damsels, triggerfish, angelfish, sargent major, sweetlips, snappers, porcupinefish, stonefish, tangs, small barracudas, etc., make this site a lovely place to dive for all level of divers.

Shelter Cove
An ideal dive site for beginners with lots of small fish, a wide variety of hard coral, lobsters, etc. Fish include stonefish, lionfish, sargent major, parrotfish,    damsels, triggerfish, angelfish, sweetlips, snappers, etc. Hawksbill turtles have been spotted on rare occasions. Very shallow depths (max of only 8 meters).

Bounty Bay
Great site for beginners as well as trainee divers. Several species of small fish, as well as hard coral, found here. Cuttlefish and nurse shark have also been seen here. Maximum depth of only 6 meters.

The Jetty
Located at the northwestern tip of Grand Island, this is a very shallow site with a maximum depth of 8 meters and an average depth of 5 to 6 meters. Lots of species of small fish. Lionfish and schooling baby mullets frequently seen.

Courtesy Manish Tiwari
An Indian Navy Seal

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