Why I Do Not Like The Idea Of Retirement And Retirement Homes

Well for two rationales.

1. It is an immense waste of talent, knowledge, wisdom, ability and attitude learned and earned at the university of life.
2. It is a tasteless condemnation of a life, to junk.

So what is our attitude to the fact that every youth is headed towards old age?

1. That we are headed towards fullness and fulfilment, or
2. That we are headed towards condemnation and uselessness.

I don’t know the reference, but apparently, somewhere in Indias’recorded tradition, the scope of human life is divided into 4 stages, the fourth and last being living the life of a renunciate.

Well, that is cool when I understand it in two contexts.

1. Renunciation isn’t deprivation, it is simply a state of non-appetite, non-craving. – Max Strom from his book, A Life Worth Breathing
2. “Experience never gets old” from The Intern.

So when one is kicked out from home, headed towards the life of a wandering hermit when your family have no money for you, an ashram or hell-hole of sorts where some donations are made in the guise of holiness and care, or some fancy gated old-age community complete with spa and doctors for affluent families; is it because “that’s it kiddo”, QED, Om Tat Sat, now die useless or is there a glory I am unable to see ?

I remember this story from Class 3, Hindi Literature, where a son is carrying his father to an old age home and stops to rest on a rock which his aged father energetically jumps to avoid as it was the same rock that he had rested his own ageing father on a similar journey. The story has a happy ending, in that this action enlightens his son, who returns home with his father, obviously to create a more fulfilling and wholesome life with his family.

I accept neither of the above two depressing paragraphs. Rather the more empowering and healthy awakened attitude available to us, so well summed by Max again when he mentions “Our cleverness, vanity and intellectual certainty will often mask the fact that our life may be a disaster, yet we’ll fight to the death asserting that everyone should think and live like we do”.

This is one of the reasons that I accept the availability of a better life available to each of us now, as suggested by Michael Tellinger in One Small Town – http://www.onesmalltown.org/ and Jacque Fresco in The Venus Project – https://www.thevenusproject.com/. And surely there are other similar empowering and creative possibilities for society and our world available for us to engage with and develop.

Can we please bring the babel of our resources together and work things out!

Images from the film, The Intern

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